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Homoeopathic System

Homoeopathy invented by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, an allopathic doctor of the 18th century became popular with its ability to provide protection against epidemics. It gives importance to the patient's mind and general health when dealing with an ailment. The totality of the person is more important than any laboratory report. Modern medicine is conducting extensive studies to establish links between one's mind and the disease/ ailment suffered. Homoeopathy has established this centuries ago and forms the basis for the classical approach..

Homoeopathy uses all substances from nature (extractions mainly from plants, animals and minerals) and it is applied in very high dilutions. Because of the dilatations, the chemical effect of the remedy disappears and the dynamic effect appears. Modern researches have proved (through Kirlian photography) that the dynamic power of the remedy increases with diluting the substance. The golden era of antibiotics is coming to an end and also an increased number of viral diseases have cropped up. Allopathic system offers only vaccinations, as most of them have no known medications / remedy available. Homoeopathy stands ahead in our time with solutions available for viral diseases and also provides vaccinations without side effects. There is an alarming increase in heart attacks, cancer, HIV, hepatitis etc. Homoeopathy is known to manage incurable chronic diseases and also keep them under control.

The reluctance to take up Homoeopathic treatment comes from the myth that it is slow. But it is proved to act faster than any other medical system. The effect appears to be slow, when one takes up Homoeopathy after prolonged allopathic treatment or after the patient has reached a near-incurable condition. For any ailment, if Homoeopathic treatment is taken up from the beginning, it disappears extremely fast and the patient will never go to a chronic condition. A woman, if treated throughout her pregnancy, enjoys a painless delivery, without complications and also gives birth to a fully vaccinated child, immune to chronic and hereditary diseases. It can cure the most deadly diseases and also restore the patient to perfect harmony without any side effects. Homoeopathy is definitely a safe, sure and fast system that has solutions for all diseases, from the common cold to HIV infections and most importantly - economical and no side effects.


Classical Approach :

In Homoeopathy, the totality of the patient's symptoms are considered. The disposition to get a disease is given more importance, than the disease itself. As a living organism, the body has two elements - the physical body and the life force (dynamics). If the body is exposed to infection, the dynamics opposes the infection and prevents the body from getting it. In a person, the dynamics is visible in the form of mind. If a person gets a disease, it indicates that the dynamics is not working properly and is itself infected or has a disease. If the dynamics is cured, the disease to the physical body is cured by itself. The aim should be to rectify the dynamics and not the body i.e. treating the sick than the sickness. Therefore the state of mind has been given prime importance in treating the patients. The general nature of the person is also an important parameter. A speedy recovery is noticed, when the remedy is chosen based on the above considerations. In some cases (mainly long standing), aggravations can be see initially.


Preparation of remedies:

In this system, the drug is called the remedy. The remedy is mainly extracted from the plant, animal and mineral kingdom. The medicinal extract is diluted and potenciated to such an extent that, even an atom of the mother material cannot be detected in the remedy by the time it reaches the 12th potency or so. This is done in steps. For example: In the centi scale, one drop of mother tincture is mixed with 99 drops of alcohol and shaken rigorously using pre-determined strokes. This is termed as 1c. From this, one drop is mixed with 99 drops of alcohol and is termed as 2c and so on. More is the dilution, powerful is the remedy. It is found recently that the magnetic aura of the remedy increases with potency. This has been proved with the Kirlian photography, as different aura can be seen around the pills with different potency. Since the remedies are used after diluting several times, it cannot have chemical effects on the body to create a long standing side effect.