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At present health care has become an industry than service. Ancient times, there was a culture in Kerala where in Ayurvedic doctors called Vaidyas serve the patients with out expecting anything from them and medicines were given free to them. In turn the local community generally looks after the Vaidya and his personnel needs. This system assured the patient the best treatments. But currently we can see that people from different medical systems join hands just for the sake of profit, and the humanity is slowly disappearing from the world. There are only few people who really care patients.

There is also a huge change in expectation of the patients. No one has any patience left over, for a small disease patients get panicked and they run from doctor to doctor, and are exploited by the people who are supposed to care them. Let me acknowledge same time that, there are a lot of good people who really take care of their patients.

We at Bhadra Homoeopathic Forum, are trying our best to reach the suffering mass with a healing touch. It is our dream to have a " Hospital with a difference" where we can look after hundreds of poor and needy patients primarily looking at what is needed for them.