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Classical Approach.

In Homoeopathy, the totality of the patient's symptoms are considered. The disposition to get a disease is given more importance, than the disease itself. As a living organism, the body has two elements - the physical body and the life force (dynamics). If the body is exposed to infection, the dynamics opposes the infection and prevents the body from getting it. In a person, the dynamics is visible in the form of mind. If a person gets a disease, it indicates that the dynamics is not working properly and is itself infected or has a disease. If the dynamics is cured, the disease to the physical body is cured by itself. The aim should be to rectify the dynamics and not the body i.e. treating the sick than the sickness. Therefore the state of mind has been given prime importance in treating the patients. The general nature of the person is also an important parameter. A speedy recovery is noticed, when the remedy is chosen based on the above considerations. In some cases (mainly long standing), aggravations can be see initially.