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Preparation Of Remedies.

In this system, the drug is called the remedy. The remedy is mainly extracted from the plant, animal and mineral kingdom. The medicinal extract is diluted and potenciated to such an extent that, even an atom of the mother material cannot be detected in the remedy by the time it reaches the 12th potency or so. This is done in steps. For example: In the centi scale, one drop of mother tincture is mixed with 99 drops of alcohol and shaken rigorously using pre-determined strokes. This is termed as 1c. From this, one drop is mixed with 99 drops of alcohol and is termed as 2c and so on. More is the dilution, powerful is the remedy. It is found recently that the magnetic aura of the remedy increases with potency. This has been proved with the Kirlian photography, as different aura can be seen around the pills with different potency. Since the remedies are used after diluting several times, it cannot have chemical effects on the body to create a long standing side effect.