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Case No.1

Case Details :-

This is a case of Oozing Eczema which we treated through the Email. The doctor has not seen the patient physically as she stays at a different place. As per the detailed letter send to us in response to our pre designed questions we worked out the case and the remedy was selected as Lycopodium 1m. She had to face a lot of aggravation after the remedy. The aggravation was caused because of 2 reasons.

1) The case was 20 years old.

2) she was continuously using some ointments which was stopped and only Calendula wash was advised.

Please note that we have given concentration only to the mental symptoms and not the disease symptoms. We do not have the first photographs of this case.

We administered the first dose of Lycopodium 1m in December 2000. The remedy was procured by the patient at her place. Probably because of lack of quality of the remedy we did not find proper action in the patient.

After wards we had posted the remedy to the patient and she took the second dose on 16th of February 2001. Following which she experienced a violent aggravations in skin disease but she was feeling better in her headaches and in mental and physical plane which was the proper indication of a simillimum. We also administered one dose of Psorinum 1m on 7th march 2001

This was the condition of her Hands on 15th march 2001. We did not have her leg Photos for this date. But her condition was pretty bad

Our Doctor had to convince the patient about this aggravated condition by e-mail then by Phone etc. But We were very confident about the action of the remedy and did not give any medicine.

After reviewing the case The patient was asked to take one more dose of Lycopodium 1m on 19th march 2001. Here is the photographs of 27th march 2001 indicating the condition of her Legs.


By the time the disease has started to tend down. This was the condition by 16th April 2001. She was having lot of itching but there was no oozing, a gentle red color was left over.

One more dose of Lycopodium 1m was administered on 27th April 2001 because of some throat infection and we have received her photos as on 5th May 2001
Now it is more than 3 years for this case and there was no repetitions seen till to day we can be sure that the case has been cured by the remedy.
We have taken following symptoms for the reproterization of this case
Synthesis Mind-1 AILMENTS FROM / disappointment (Sc)
Synthesis Mind-2 SECRETIVE (Sc)
Synthesis Mind-3 SUSPICIOUS,mistrustful (Sc)
Synthesis Mind-4 ANGER,irascibility / contradiction,from (Sc)
Synthesis Mind-5 SENTIMENTAL (Sc)
Synthesis Mind-6 SENSITIVE, oversensitive (Sc)
Synthesis Mind-7 BROODING (Sc)
Synthesis Mind-8 FEAR,apprehension,dread / dark,of (Sc)
Synthesis Mind-9 ANGER,irascibility / trifles,at (Sc)
Synthesis Mind-10 CAPRICIOUSNESS (Sc)
Synthesis Mind-11 HURRY,haste (Sc)
Synthesis Mind-12 THEORIZING (Sc)
Synthesis General-13 COLD in general agg. / am. (Sc)
Rubric No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 11 12 13 Marks/Rubric
LYC 3 1 4 3 1 3 1 2 1 1 1 1 2 24/13
IGN 4 2 1 3 3 3 3 - - 2 2 - 1 24/10
NUX 2 - 2 2 2 3 1 - 2 1 2 - 1 18/10
AUR 3 1 2 3 - 2 1 - 1 - 1 2 1 17/10
SEP 1 1 2 3 - 2 - - 1 2 1 2 1 16/10

Case No.2

Another case of skin problem
This patient met me on Nov 15 2007. She ahd bad itch in one finger and looke bad, Photo is enclosed below. She had met skin specilists and took treatment for one year, followed by Homoeopathic treatment by medications like Graphitis, Sulpher for more than 1 year with out result.   After carefull study Silicia 1m was selected as the remedy one dose was given on 15th sep 2007
she reported stomach pains and cough on 2nd nov and another dose of Silicia was given on that day
She is compleetly alright on 19 Jan 2008, you can see the photo below!
The above experience indicate that if the remedy is correct you need not give more doses. Just a few dose will solve the problem.