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A case of

Aortic Valve disorder

1) Introduction

Homoeopathic medical system if properly used can cure any disease. Only problem is in selection of remedy. I have seen different people applying different methods and giving huge dose of medication to patient form daily to hourly basis. But if you select the remedy properly only a few doses of remedy at right time can bring miracles to the patient. In the form of total cure.

2) Patient details

Mrs. Pxxxxxx aged 34 approached me on 8th DEC 2006 with the following symptoms

1) Difficulty in breathing

2) Extreme anxiety

3) Examination by stethoscope can clearly make out the murmur in the Heart

4) High Blood pressure

The Echocardiography done on 2nd Nov. 2006 done on Manipal Hospital clearly states Bicuspid and Thickened Aortic Valve, Mild Aortic Stenosis, Concentric LV Hyper trophy. But patient condition from 2nd Nov. to 2nd DEC had already deteriorated and she was supposed to be admitted in the Hospital By 15 th DEC. 2006

The Echocardiography report of 2nd Nov. 2006 is shown in fig 1

FIG 1:- Echocardiography report of 2nd Nov. 2006
After a detailed discussion with patient following symptoms was taken for consideration of the and reprotorized using Radar 9 and screen shot of the window is given in FIG 2.
FIG 2:- Symptoms selected for the case

Giving dew consideration the way patient behaved in my dispensary and other considerations Arsenicum Album was selected as the probable remedy for the patient.

3) Remedy details

Fri, 8 Dec 06

ARS 1M one dose followed by Placebo 3 times daily

Fri 15 DEC 2006

Patient reported better sleep, Mentally comfortable, Breathing better, Blood pressure less, Pain in knee Joint and right hand ring finger and a sensation of falling forward. Patient looked much better from the face. She had a comfortable sleep and good appetite. I requested patient to discontinue all allopathic drugs and continued Just Placebo.

Sat, 20 Jan 07

Patient felt bit more tired, pains was less and a bit more breathing problem was reported

ARS 1M was repeated and followed placebo.

Sat, 10 Mar 07

She started getting Frequent Headaches for last one week, the pans was better by pressure and wanted to just take rest.

ARS 1M was repeated and followed by placebo

Wed, 11 Apr 07

Headaches reduced

Wed, 2 May 07

Feeling better

Tue 5 jun 07

Heavy headache,


Sat, 28 Jul 07

Echocardiography was done and shows that the valves are much better, the abnormal murmur heard using stethoscope have almost disappeared. Echocardiography report is shown in FIG3. Placebo continued

FIG 3:- Echocardiography report of 27th Nov. 2007

Thu, 16 Aug 07

Feeling better

Continue Placebo

Wed, 26 Sep 07

Viral Fever, Body pains Headache, heart looked to be normal.

ARS 10M followed by placebo. Fever all right in 3 days

Thu, 29 Nov 07

Feeling ok no complaints

Placebo continued

Sat 5th Jan 08

Echocardiography was done indicating a normal heart and patient is un symptomatic. Final Echocardiography was done and shown in FIG 4

FIG 4:- Echocardiography report of 4th JAN 2008

4) Conciliation

In this case Just Arsenicum Album was given totally 5 doses in a span of 1 year. Also the remedy has served for not only the heart disease but also for other problems the patient had from time to time. Homoeopathy can serve any condition of the patient if the doctor and the patient do not become panic.