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  Here is a typical case of diabetes which is managed by our forum for last 2 years. The patient had come to us not for the treatment of diabetes but for the treatment of his knee pain. We convinced him about the advantage of homoeopathic medicine over allopathic medicine and he agreed for a comprehensive treatment from us. You can see in the chart that In spite of increased doses of the Allopathic Tablet the sugar level was going up and the patient was suffering with more and more associated difficulties.
This was his condition before he met us
  We took over the case from 23rd February 1998 and went for a constant tapering off of the allopathic medicine irrespective of the sugar level but considering the health condition of the patient.

Single doses of selected Homoeopathic remedy were applied at 1000C potency on the dates mentioned in the chart above. Even though the sugar level went up with the withdrawal of the allopathic medicine the patient was improving in his health. So we did not bother about the sugar level.

The real work of Homoeopathic remedy can be seen in the 3rd face of our case management. Here the patient is in occasional doses of Homoeopathic medicine and slowly we have even removed the diet restrictions of the patient