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Patient City Selection

Kindly read before you proceed

The total process of patient registration and operation of the a/c is explained below. We are finding that patients are registering without reading, and finding difficulty in using the system. It is simple kindly spend one minute before you go to next step.

(Please note: - we are not treating sex related issues like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation etc)

International and Indian patients except Bangalore

Patients from Bangalore

Please register with proper address and phone numbers and brief disease information.

Use your normally used e-mail address. We will send you only necessary messages important to case

You will get a verification email immediately (if not seen check your spam folder)

Click on verification link and verify yourself. Kindly delete this email once verified.

Wait for admin approval, Doctor will look the case and decide a remote treatment can be initiated. If yes your a/c will be approved. This will happen within 24 to 48 hours.

Once approved please login with your email as username and password using login/consult link.

Upload only relevant reports if any.

According to the problem we will ask more information, once we decide to take up the case, one link will appear on top of the communication section for downloading the detailed questions. Please note this will disappear as soon as you click. So kindly see that you download the questions and save and preserve it for further use.

Read sample case, instructions and give detailed reply to all questions in word and upload as word file, Kindly do not type this in message window.

If satisfied a case number will be allotted. If further needed doctor will talk to patient on skype/google talk by giving a mutually acceptable date and time.

Once case working is over, you can see the list of remedies being dispatched to you by post in your left panel.

You need to pay the needed postage charges and any donation to trust before remedy is dispatched.

Please read auto reply email for how to take remedy

Whenever you get reminder please visit your a/c and update about your health.

Please reply in detail whatever questions being asked by system.

Please register with proper address and contact details,Importantly correct mobile number

You will get verification code via mobile immediately.

Enter verification code, (if you had closed the screen please go to login and give your username as mobile number and password, the system will ask for verification code.

You can login now,

Login with your username and password using login/consult link.

Click on Add patient and include only family members seeking our help.

Click on patient name in your left panel

Give disease details for each individual patients separately by selecting the respective patient.

Upload important reports you may have for individual patient. Please do not mix up cases.

If you are our existing patient click message link and give your case number and last visit details.

You can request appointment with doctor for specific patient by using appointment link

Visit dispensary on the date with a 100pg note book and details of previous treatments and reports

Be in time for consultations at dispensary.

Initially doctor will ask you to visit 2 or 3 times, and they are compulsory. This is to confirm remedy is working properly.

In case any problem to visit like the above, please inform in the first visit itself.

Before visiting please login and update your condition in detail.

Whenever you face a problem during our care, please don’t be panic, consult us, we will definitely help you. Please login and give full details of the problem to enable us to help you,